Sure Jim! You are the star! Have fun Here in Bali. By the way looking for Villa For Rent In Bali, Or buy one? We'll give you options:
How about getting back to nature? Go ahead Jim, YOU ARE THE STAR!

How To Own A Vila In Bali For Free

bali celebrity
It's okay Jim, if you would like to have a villa in Bali, go ahead!
Bali is wonderful. It is more popular than Indonesia, the mother country itself. Many people all over the world come to visit it and some of them are dreaming of having a Villa in Bali. Are you? Then how to have one for free?

Nothing is free when it comes to comfort, what do you think? You will get back to nature, listening to those beautiful rhythm of birds and get chased by those wild monkeys when you insists on having a villa in Bali for free. Lol. And all facilities might be costly.

Not really, but one thing for sure, learning from a history you must be careful when you plan come to Bali in near future, not for fun but for business, instead. What's the business about? Smuggling heroin? Wow! There's no clemency today. Indonesian president offers no bargain for anybody pretending to have a villa in Bali, but then getting caught for drugs crime and facing the death penalty.

Okay, tourists, as an Indonesian who came to Bali only once in a life time and never wishes to get back there, I think I can promote other places scattered all over Indonesia as well. Get a villa in Bukittinggi, Sumatera; it also has an enchanting scenery, quiet, peaceful but maybe you'll spend a lot of time there melancholic.

Or go to Puncak Bogor, a hill side area near the capital city Jakarta. However, soon you'll get accustomed to regular terrible traffic jams, especially on weekend. There are many villas there, probably cheaper than those ones in Bali, but I think you might be upset because you get distracted.

Okay, let's get down to the topic: How to get a villa in Bali for free. it's just like how you can get along well with the people there, giving away your heart and in return you will get theirs and hopefully a place for you to live.

Do you think by marrying a local, will enable you to possess a residence anywhere you are? Maybe. But how to get a villa in Bali it is more than how to feel heaven on earth. If it is too much, you may not need it for now. But for investment, I think you need to consider from now on to buy one when you prepare a budget for that.

Having a villa in Bali is not a must, but being happy there for free, that's an obligatory. Happy holidays!